Features Advantages
Unique Profile Design
(Patent Pending)
Simple & Faster Fabrication and Glass Installation
Ideal for 6, 8 & 10mm Glass thickness
42mm Deeper Inner cavity (both Height & Width)
permits higher tolerances on Glass dimension
Solid Aluminium Profile Steadfast holding power to structure and for Glass
Unique Self-Lock Mechanism No shifting or falling out of position
Maintenance free
Dry Glazing Easy Installation & Demounting as no Glue or Silicon required
Easier Glass Replacement
EPDM Gaskets Highly durable
More secure & Better cushion for Glass
Minimum Components
(2 Profiles & Gaskets)
Reduced Inventory
Multiple Applications
Economical Cost effective Time & Labour saving by Easy Installation &
Faster completion of Projects
Cladding Adaptability Dual component profile structure design permits
Factory applied cladding
Aesthetics Slim & Strong Design
Low visual impact (35mm profile height)
Space saving (26mm wide)
Accoustics Profile design features and contoured EPDM gaskets helps
achieve highest level of sound proofing
Safety & Security Deep cavity in profile and Uniform grip on all along the edges
of glass adds strength to glazing and reduces horizontal movements. Exterior removal of Gasket/Glass made impossible due to contoured EPDM gasket held under pressure.
Better shock absorption